2021 and 1729

We're launching a newsletter that pays you at 1729.com. It offers $1000 in crypto per day for completing tasks & tutorials.

2021 and 1729

2020 was an eventful year. I wanted to close out a few threads and discuss my go-forward focus on 1729.com, where we’re launching an experiment: the first newsletter that pays you. It has a regular feed of paid tasks and tutorials with $1000+ in crypto prizes per day, and doubles as a vehicle for distributing a new book I’ve been writing called The Network State. Go check it out at 1729.com and follow @oneseventwonine on Twitter.


At the start of 2020, I'd intended to do a monthly crypto journal called Nakamoto, with in-person meetups for crypto people around the world, but the pandemic put that on hold. I'm now doing something similar to what I intended to do with Nakamoto as 1729.com, but with many important differences and a much a broader focus than just crypto, which you can read about here.

A Newsletter That Pays You
Earn crypto for completing tasks and tutorials. Join a community of technological progressives.

In terms of logistics:

  • Newsletter. All balajis.com subscribers have been migrated to 1729.com, and all paid members have been turned into free members on a go-forward basis (because the new newsletter pays you!). If you don’t want that, just hit unsubscribe. But you probably do want that, as that's where most of my posting will be.
  • Personal. This site (balajis.com) will be reserved for personal posting only. I’ll probably tweet less and use Twitter more as a distribution channel for 1729.
  • Nakamoto. Nakamoto.com remains a phenomenal name for something crypto-related, and we will likely do something with it in the future, but for now the site will remain live indefinitely. If anything does move, all content will be properly 301 redirected.
  • Angel. I’m still doing angel investments, so that remains unchanged.
  • Twitter. We swapped the followers of the @oneseventwonine and @nakamoto Twitter handles, so that’s why you might already be following @oneseventwonine. We will eventually be posting real crypto prizes from 1729.com at @oneseventwonine, so beware of impersonators on Twitter. Initially I’ll RT these posts from @balajis until we can get a verified badge or a better form of cryptographic authentication, like Keybase or GPG-signing.

OK, this is the boring stuff. Go to 1729.com for the interesting stuff!

1729 - Learn Skills & Earn Crypto
The first newsletter that pays you. Daily Bitcoin bounties for completing paid tasks and tutorials.